07 April, 2016

Building an Inexpensive Citadel Paint Rack

In my previous post "Planning an Inexpensive Citadel Paint Rack" I explained that I had built the rack and had made a mistake in that instead of joining the top and bottom parts of the frame inside the sides (uprights) I had done the reverse.
Inexpensive Citadel Paint Rack work in progress
Before the shelves become unstuck

However I feel that I have done the right thing, because now the rack has greater free-standing capability until I decide if I will attach it to the wall, or leave it standing on the worktop.
I did run into another problem; the glue I used to attach the white plastic shelves to the pegboard back was not strong enough to hold when paint pots filled the shelves.  After an hour or two they gave way and started peeling from the backboard.
I had to adapt the design to combat this and while I was at it I also decided that since the rack will be free-standing (for a while at least) I should enhance this feature.
In the end I re-glued the shelves and drove a screw through either end of the shelf, through the backboard and into a length of 2"x1" wood that ran vertically down either side, flush with the base.
The rack is now stronger, and sturdier than before.
Inexpensive Citadel Paint Rack the final product
The final product
Should I find myself needing to build another Citadel paint rack in the future, I would alter the design to have a better method of mounting the shelves and also use a wide length of wood for the base, giving a little more shelf space and greater stability.
Time will tell how successful this project has been but for now I am happy with the final product.
It just goes to show that one can create something bespoke much more cheaply than buying a pre-made item that doesn't quite meet the needs of the user.

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